Abamectin1.8% EC

Active Ingredient:Abamectin1.8% EC (yellow)   CAS No.:71751-41-2   Crops:Vegetables Tobacco Tea Cotton Fruit trees   Target Insects:Lepidoptera and Homoptera pests, such as diamondback moth, beet armyworm, litura, aphids, red spiders, gall mites, scale insects, thrips, rice Leaf roller and other pests   Packaging:1L/bottle,500ml/bottle,100ml/bottle   MOQ: 500L   Other formulations:3.6% EC(black)

Products Details

Advantage: Abamectin is a bio pesticide and is usable for killing pest of various types. Abamectin is a none liking the potency of other pesticides. Abamectin is also used as insecticide but also as an acaricide and a nematicide. Abamectin is helpful in controlling the insects and mite pests of agronomic,fruit,vegetable and ornamental crops.   Usage:




Orange tree

leaf miner



Red spider



cabbage caterpillar


  Storage: Product must be stored in a safe, secure location. Never store pesticides in cabinets with or near food, animal feed, or medical supplies. Store flammable liquids outside your living area and far away from an ignition source such as a furnace, car, grill, or lawn mower. Keep containers closed unless you are dispensing a chemical or adding to the container.

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