Crop Protection Potato Late Blight Agrochemical Fao Fungicides Zineb 80% Wp

Zineb is a broad-spectrum organic sulfur fungicide, one of the earliest agricultural fungicides, and has been used for nearly 70 years. Zinc is easily oxidized into active thiocyanate compounds in water, which has a strong inhibitory effect on sulfhydryl-containing enzymes in pathogens, and directly kills pathogen spores and prevents their invasion. Therefore, it only has a preventive effect on crop diseases, and its treatment ability is very weak. Protective fungicide for foliage, mainly used to prevent and treat various fungal diseases of crops such as wheat, vegetables, grapes, fruit trees and tobacco. Daisenzinc can prevent and treat diseases caused by a variety of fungi, but has poor effect on powdery mildew.

MOQ: 1 Ton

Sample: Free sample

Package: Customized

Products Details

Active ingredients Zineb
CAS Number 12122-67-7
Molecular Formula C4H6N2S4Zn
Classification Fungicide
Brand Name POMAIS
Shelf life 2 Years
Purity 80% Wp
State Powder
Label Customized
Formulations 80% Wp; 50% DF; 700g/kg DF 
 Suitable crops: Zineb is a bactericide with protective and inhibitory effects, which can inhibit new disease sources and eliminate diseases. After spray, it can spread on the crop surface in the form of drug film to form a protective layer to prevent the pathogen from infecting again. It can be used to control apple tree anthracnose.

Crop names

Fungal diseases


usage method

Apple tree


500-700 times liquid



Early blight

3150-4500 g/ha



Leaf spot

1050-1200 g/ha



Early blight

1200-1500 g/ha



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