Factory Direct: Housefly Control Insecticide Agita 10 WG with Z-9 Tricosene - Best Price Guaranteed!

Looking for an effective housefly control insecticide? Try Agita 10 Wg! Our factory produces this powerful formula with thiamethoxam and Z-9-tricosene to tackle fly infestations. Find great prices on our fly control fly bait with Z 9 tricosene.

Products Details

Agita 10 WG is a highly effective insecticide used in controlling houseflies. This product contains Thiamethoxam 10% and Z-9-Tricosene 0.05% WG. Thiamethoxam is a systemic insecticide that acts as a potent neurotoxin, disrupting the nervous system of insects, while Z-9-Tricosene is a powerful pheromone that attracts flies and helps in targeting and eliminating them effectively. Agita 10 WG is also a long-lasting solution that stays active for a longer period and can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings. Our factory is committed to producing high-quality and effective insecticides that help in managing pest infestations while ensuring the safety of humans and the environment.

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