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Fipronil 80% WDG is a phenyl pyrazole insecticide with broad-spectrum characteristics. It is mainly stomach toxic to pests, and has both touch killing and certain internal absorption. Flufenitrile is also widely used as a sanitary insecticide. It is mainly used to prevent and kill cockroaches, ants and other harmful organisms.

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Active ingredients Fipronil
CAS Number 120068-37-3
Molecular Formula C12H4Cl2F6N4OS
Application It has high insecticidal activity against aphids, leafhoppers, planthoppers, lepidoptera larvae, flies, coleoptera and other important pests
Brand Name Ageruo
Shelf life 2 Years
Purity 80% WDG
State Liquid
Label Customized
Formulations 3% ME; 5% SC; 7.5% SC; 8% SC; 80% WDG
The mixed formulation product Fipronil 6% + Tebuconazole 2% FSCFipronil 10% + Imidacloprid 20% FS Fipronil 3% + Chlorpyrifos 15% FSC Fipronil 5% + Imidacloprid 15% FSC Fipronil 10% + Thiamethoxam 20% FSC Fipronil 0.03% + Propoxur 0.67% BG
Suitable crops: Through binding with GABA receptor on the target biological nerve center cell membrane, fipronil blocks the chloride ion channel of nerve cells, thus interfering with the normal function of central nervous system and causing insect poisoning and death.Pesticide fipronil 80% wg applied to soil can effectively control maize root and leaf beetle, golden needle beetle and ground tiger. When spraying on the leaves, it has a high level of control effect on diamondback moth, cauliflower butterfly, rice thrips, etc., and has a long duration of effect. The treatment of corn seeds with seeds can effectively control the corn borer and land tiger. It can be used in rice fields to control borers, brown planthoppers and other pests.

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