Insecticide Pesticide & Molluscicide Metaldehyde 6% Gr, 5% Gr

Metaldehyde is a kind of snail killing agent with strong selectivity, which can attract snails. The plant does not absorb the drug, so it will not accumulate in the plant. After snails eat or contact with this product, the symptoms of poisoning are as follows: a large amount of mucus secreted by snails and quickly dehydrated to death. This product is a hard granule, which is not easy to disperse in water; The validity period is long. It is suitable for controlling snails in cabbage fields in dry land.

MOQ: 500kg

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Products Details

Active ingredients Metaldehyde
CAS Number 108-62-3
Molecular Formula C8H16O4
Application It is commonly used as a pesticide against slugs, snails, and other gastropods.
Brand Name POMAIS
Shelf life 2 Years

6% Gr; 5% Gr

State Granule
Label Customized
The mixed formulation product 1.Metaldehyde 10% + Carbaryl 20% GR 2.Metaldehyde 3% + Niclosamide ethanolamine 2% GR 3.Metaldehyde 4.5% + Carbaryl 1.5% GR
 Suitable crops: Metaldehyde is a highly selective molluscicide. The appearance of 6% granules is light blue, softened with water, has a special fragrance, and has strong attraction. When snails are attracted by attractants to feed or contact with drugs, they will release a large amount of acetylcholinesterase in the snails, destroy the special mucus in the snails, rapidly dehydrate the snails, paralyze the nerves, and secrete mucus. Due to the loss of a large amount of body fluid and the destruction of cells, the snails, slugs, etc. will die of poisoning in a short time.
Formulations                                 Crop names Fungal diseases  Dosage usage method
6%GR Cabbage Snails 6000-9000g/ha Spread
Chinese cabbage Snails 7500-9750g/ha Spread
Rice Pomacea canaliculata 7500-9000g/ha Spread
Lawn Snails 7500-9000g/ha Spread
Leafy vegetables Snails 6000-9000g/ha Spread
Cotton Snails 6000-8160g/ha Spread

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