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Herbicide Glyphosate - A Comprehensive Guide

As agriculture grows stronger with each passing day, so does the need for effective herbicides. These herbicides help to combat the growth of weeds and preserve the quality of crops. One such herbicide that has gained a reputation for its effectiveness and widespread application is the Glyphosate herbicide.

What is Glyphosate?

Glyphosate is a herbicide that has been widely used since the 1970s. It works by inhibiting the growth of essential amino acids in plants, leading to their death. Glyphosate can be used on various crops, including cotton, soybeans, corn, and vegetables, as well as non-crop areas such as lawn and garden.

Glyphosate Formulations

Glyphosate is available in various formulations, each uniquely suited to a specific application. Manufacturers produce various concentrations of Glyphosate formulations that include:

Glyphosate 95% TC

Glyphosate 75% WDG

Glyphosate 62% SL

Glyphosate 41% SL

Each of these formulations has its strengths and applications. For example, Glyphosate 62% SL is best suited for broadcast uses on small grains, while Glyphosate 41% SL is best suited for weed control in orchards and vineyards.

How to Use Glyphosate

Using Glyphosate herbicide correctly is crucial in achieving the best results. The herbicide should be applied to the weed's foliage using appropriate equipment, including sprayers and handheld applicators. A more precise measure of the required dosage depends on the type of weed, growth stage, weather conditions, and the formulation being used.

Benefits of Using Glyphosate

Glyphosate has gained popularity among farmers and agricultural workers due to its numerous benefits. These benefits include:

Effective on broad-spectrum weeds

Glyphosate targets the essential amino acids needed in plant growth, making it effective at controlling a broad spectrum of weeds.


Glyphosate is a cost-effective solution with a long shelf life, making it less expensive when compared to other herbicides.

Easy to Use

Glyphosate is simple to use and can be applied by spraying or handheld applicators, making it an excellent choice for farmers with varying levels of experience.

China Herbicide Glyphosate 95%TC, 75%WDG, 62%SL, 41%SL, 480g/L SL Manufacturers and Suppliers - High Quality - BOSMAN


Glyphosate is compatible with numerous types of crops, making it an effective solution for farmers who cultivate multiple crops.


In summary, Glyphosate is an essential herbicide in the agriculture sector due to its effectiveness and compatibility with various crops. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of herbicides, including Glyphosate formulations, Hijiazhuang Ageruo-Biotech Co., Ltd. is committed to providing high-quality herbicides to our clients. We offer a range of formulations designed to meet the unique needs of different crop applications. Contact us today to learn more about our line of products.