Natural Plant Growth Regulator Tria Triacontanol 90% Tc

Triacontanol, the pure drug is white scale like crystal, which is a plant growth regulator and can affect the growth, differentiation and development of plants. Its preparation mainly shows that it can enhance enzyme activity, promote seed germination and improve germination rate; Enhance photosynthetic intensity, increase chlorophyll content, and increase dry matter accumulation; Promote crops to absorb mineral elements, increase protein and sugar content, and improve product quality. In addition, it can also promote the rooting, leafing and flower bud differentiation of crops, increase tillering, promote early maturity, protect flowers and fruits, improve seed setting rate, promote water absorption of crops, reduce evaporation, and increase drought resistance of crops. This product is the raw material for pesticide preparation processing, and shall not be used for crops or other places.

MOQ: 500 kg

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Products Details

Active ingredients  Triacontanol
CAS Number 593-50-0
Molecular Formula C30H62O
Classification Plant growth regulator
Brand Name Ageruo
Shelf life 2 Years
Purity 95%
State Powder
Label Customized
Formulations 0.1% ME; 90% TC; 95% TC
The mixed formulation products Choline chloride 29.8% + triacontanol 0.2% SC
 Suitable crops: 

Triacontanol is a kind of plant growth promoter with a wide range of applications. It has a good yield increase effect on rice, cotton, wheat, soybean, corn, sorghum, tobacco, sugar beet, peanuts, vegetables, flowers, fruit trees, sugar cane, etc., with a yield increase of more than 10%. It is also a highly efficient and fast plant growth promoter, which has significant effects on plant growth at very low concentrations.


Crop names

act on

usage method


Citrus tree

Regulate growth



Regulate growth



boost production

spray 2 times


Regulate growth



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