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Amitraz has contact and fumigation effects on eggs, nymphs and adults. It is mainly used as acaricide for agriculture and livestock. It is safer to the natural enemies of pests and bees. The finished product is mainly EC, which is usually used by spray.

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Active ingredients Amitraz
CAS Number 33089-61-1
Molecular Formula C19H23N3
Application Amitraz is often used in cotton, tea, soybeans, vegetables, fruit trees and other crops. It is mainly used to control various harmful mites and some lepidopteran pests. It also has good control effect on wood lice, and also has a certain effect on scale, aphid, cotton bollworm, red bollworm, etc. Under appropriate conditions, it can also treat insects and mites. It can also be used to control mites on cattle and sheep.
Brand Name Ageruo
Shelf life 2 Years
Purity 20% EC
State Liquid
Label Customized
Formulations 95% TC; 98% TC; 200g/l EC; 10% EC; 12.5% EC;
The mixed formulation product Amitraz 12.5% + bifenthrin 2.5% EC Abamectin 0.2% + amitraz 10.6% EC
 Suitable crops: Amitraz is mainly used for cotton, fruit trees, vegetables, beans and other crops. It has a wide range of mites and also cures some pests, including spider, cotton bollworm, leaf mite, wood louse, rust tick, etc. It can also be used for external lice and tick of cattle, sheep and pigs. Amitraz can be mixed with organic phosphorus, pyrethroids, abamectin and other pesticides, which has synergistic effect and can expand the insecticidal spectrum.
Formulation: Amitraz 20% EC、Amitraz 200g/L EC
Crop Fungal diseases Dosage Usage method
Citrus tree Red spider 1000-2000 times liquid Spray
Citrus tree Scale insect 1000-1500 times liquid Spray
Citrus tree Mite 1000-1500 times liquid Spray
Pear tree Pear psylla 800-1200 times liquid Spray
Cotton Red spider 600-750 (ml/ha) Spray
Apple tree Red spider 1000-1500 times liquid Spray

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